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See how it works for one of London's Blue Plaque properties

221b Baker Street, London, NW1 6XE*

* - London address of the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes, created by author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Building type

Mid terrace house

No. of bedrooms


Viable roofspace

863 m2

Roof orientation: West

The highest potential in this roof is between South and West, this roof will generate it's maximum power between midday and the afternoon

Very good potential

the estimated maximum annual generation for this property is 92,031 units of electricity (kWh), that places the property in the top quarter for all domestic homes in London

Over 12 months

How much would this property generate over a year?

Total: 92,031 units of electricty (kWh)

That's enough electricity for


of a typical 3 bed home

25.8 tonnes carbon saved, equivalent to any of the following

  • 7 return flights from London to Sydney
  • a 33499 mile car journey
  • the carbon captured by 47195 trees

Costs & savings

How much would a full installation cost for this property & how long would it take before this system paid for itself?

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Installation cost


Based on

an installation covering 100% of the viable roof space

Annual savings


Based on

an average electricity bill for a 3 bed home

Payback period

160 years

Based on

Savings from electric bill for 3 bed home. Without earnings from export to grid or grant to fund installation costs

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How much electricity would this property have generated today?

The roof would have generated



That's enough to power all these appliances for free

Washing machine


Grill/hob Oven

Immersion heater

a smart phone (charge)

broadband router

tablet (charge)

extractor fan

tv set top box

dvd/cd player





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